Adele tosh

The Dervilia art gallery takes great pleasure in presenting a group of unique Canadian artists, including, Original Art, Iron, Glass and Handcrafted Furniture.

Adele Tosh established Dervilia in the fall of 1995, to provide Interior Design to the Prairies. She has always had a deep appreciation for art and its unique relationship with each client.

The Gallery’s Artists, and their evolving relationship with both city and country, capture everyday life as well as the unique qualities of the Canadian landscape. Positioned in downtown Saskatoon, The Gallery’s location allows for convenient access to stop in and explore this inspiring, unique collection.

kaylee Langen

I have always been a dreamer, a thinker, and an escapist. Since I first picked up a pen, my passion for art and creativity has never relinquished. Art has been a continuous force for motivation throughout my life. It is a vessel to dream about the unknown, explore topics undiscussed, articulate from a different perspective and get lost in the curiosities that drive our lives. Art is all around us influencing our lives and opening us up to new experiences.

My journey with art has enabled me to explore its broad range of forms and mediums. From acrylics to sculpture; charcoal to digital, and countless more. I have a love and appreciation for the diversity art brings whether creating or viewing. Each style is unique and engaging in its own way.

I hope to bring the passion I endear for art and creativity onto others; to helps others see from a different perspective and help them discover the artwork that speaks to them.

Kaylee Langen - Tiffany Brychun - Adele Tosh